Predictable Romance

"Nannu Dochukunduvate" comes to the basic conflict in the very beginning. The plot point is wafer thin and the conflict is established in the very early stage. So the new director has struggled to hold the interest as the movie progresses as everything can easily be guessed. To make the proceedings interesting, he has focused on comedy portions with Nabha Natesh?s character taking full charge. The new director R S Naidu has brought one good idea to the board ? short filmmaking. Today youngsters are making short films like crazy and sharing them on social media. He has brought this aspect perfectly here to generate comedy. Since this is not a serious romantic movie, the proceedings seem okay as they don?t bore us. This is a kind of a movie that can be called so-so as it offers some hilarious moments even though the narrative is quite predictable. Overall, "Nannu Dochukunduvate" offers nothing new but some comic moments.

by Greatandhra Team - on Sep 21, 2018.


Breezy Rom-com

Nannu Dochukunduvate completely belongs to Nabha Natesh as she makes a striking debut. She is the life and soul of the film as Nabha breathes life into the role of Meghana. On the whole, Nannu Dochukunduvate is a typical romantic comedy which is narrated on a simple and entertaining note. Debutante Nabha Natesh leads from the front and wins you over with her standout performance. The film is aimed at the multiplex audience and not for the BC Centers who expect popcorn entertainment. If you ignore the slightly slower pace and predictable nature of the proceedings, this film makes up for a breezy watch this weekend. Go for it.

by 123telugu Team - on Sep 21, 2018.


Performance Treat

Most of the characters are there for a reason. Tulasi, as the heroine's mother, enters at the right time. Keeping things at a bare minimum, the director avoids unnecessary comedy. All the while, the hero's grumpiness does seem inexplicable, though. It would have helped had his characterization been done prudently. It seems the writer was looking at presenting him as a total contrast to the heroine, and justify everything with the revelation in the climax. But there is only so much seriousness on the face that you can take. Overall, the performances are a treat, complete with a heroine who gets to speak so much. If Sudheer is convincing as an unhappy professional, Nabha is chirpy. The supporting actors and comedies do a fine job. The film makes a mark with its storyline, situational comedy, and the father-son sub plot that comes to the fore in the climax. Performance and dialogues work. The pace could have been faster.

by Indiaglitz Team - on Sep 21, 2018.


So-so Romance

Nannu Dochukunduvate has its moments here and there, but doesn't impress on a whole. It is an average film with some fun moments in the first half and emotions in the second hour. Music also is not so great which is essential for a romantic comedy. The film never goes over the average mark at any point, which is not enough to please the target audience. It is a plain, passable romantic comedy that takes the routine route after starting on a promising note. Nannu Dochukunduvate's box office prospects will depend on how urban youth embraces it.

by Gulte Team - on Sep 21, 2018.


Riddled With Cliches

We have to say, RS Naidu successfully manages to hold the attention for the first half. The predictable cliches are tweaked and a fun narrative is maintained. It is largely due to heroine and her chirpy and infectious characterization. Even though everything happens on predictable lines, we are engaged. Overall, an entertaining first half raises hopes but the second half syndrome strikes big time. It is still at passable levels for those who love romantic outings, but for others, it would be frustrating. If you have nothing else to do this weekend give Nannu Dichukunduvate a try. You won't be missing any significant if you haven't either.

by Siddarth Toleti - on Sep 21, 2018.


so so movie

Just an average movie. Could have been better

by john - on Jan 23, 2019.