Disorder Alludu

Director Maruthi who has been dishing out simple but entertaining movies with protagonists having some disease or problem has attempted a time-tested theme here with some small change. The plain narration in second half is major issue. The positive points are hilarious comedy track on Prudhvi and Vennela Kishore. Two songs are also good. But these under weigh. All in all Sailaja Reddy Alludu disappoints with routine and dull narration. The film does provide some laughs, but nothing to rave about.

by Greatandhra Team - greatandhra.com on Sep 13, 2018.


Tale of egos

On the whole, Sailaja Reddy Alludu is a strictly average family drama which has decent moments here and there. Lack of good entertainment and necessary emotions are basic drawbacks which take down the proceedings a bit. The film becomes watchable because of the promising star cast and Chay proves his worth as a complete actor with his performance. There is nothing new that you will see but as it is the festive season, you can give this film a shot for time pass sake and watch it with low expectations.

by 123telugu Team - 123telugu.com on Sep 13, 2018.


Formula-driven Story

To be sure, the film is hardly an Attha versus Alludu story. It's a mother versus daughter story. And why do they have differences? You have to watch it on the silver screen. Suffice it to say that the conflict between them, much as it forms the crux of the second half, is hardly big-ticket. The director could have done a much better job in sustaining the pre-interval momentum. This could have been done by elevating Shailaja Reddy to a tempestuous perch, if needed. The technical output is a huge plus. Gopi Sundar's title track, the climax song bring life to the second half. The RR too is decent. Nizar Shafi's frames are lighted up and the actors look all the more beautiful. The art work and editing are effective. 'Shailaja Reddy Alludu' is a formula-driven story. Maruthi gets able actors and technicians on board. With some better drive and gravitas, this one would have been far better.

by Indiaglitz Team - indiaglitz.com on Sep 13, 2018.


Outdated Alludu

Shailaja Reddy Alludu like its title feels dated in every scene. Maruthi tried to make it entertaining by giving importance to comedy, but it only worked here and there. There is nothing exciting about the film to make the viewers sit until the end. Predictable narration with bizarrely written scenes makes it unbearable after a point. Even music is not up to the mark and action scenes are just there for the sake of it. Shailaja Reddy Alludu is like watching an eighties film with fresh star cast. It lacks elements that please the masses too. It is a total dud from Maruthi that will heavily rely upon first weekend collections to be a safe venture.

by Gulte Team - gulte.com on Sep 13, 2018.


Maruthi's Weakest

Maruthi has developed a formula with his movies. He sticks to it religiously and writes engaging comedy blocks to entertain. The story is the same in all films only the comedy changes with new setting and character he takes up. Overall, Shailaja Reddy Alludu is weakest Maruthi outing after Babu Bangaram. The same feeling was there with his last venture as well which means he is on a downward spiral. Planning of release and entertainment in parts is working for him for now. Unless he corrects the obvious faults and comes up with a strong and fresh story, there is bound to be a fall. When it happens it wouldn't be entirely unexpected.

by Siddarth Toleti - mirchi9.com on Sep 13, 2018.


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