Passable Bromance

Surely, the friendship works between lead stars, but both their love stories end up being bland in the bargain. Also, the film could have been spiced up a bit with better use of all the comedians in the cast. Nagarjuna is absolutely fit and does some stunts to show off his agility at the age of 59, giving the younger stars of today serious fitness goals. Nani is role-perfect to say the least. Together they make the film completely watchable even during some rather dull scenes. Thankfully, after filling in dialogues and sequences to highlight the underlying message of the film, the director takes a sharp u-turn and ends the film in predictable, but true entertainer-style.

by Greatandhra Team - on Sep 27, 2018.


Bromantic Comedy

As expected, one of the biggest highlights of the film is the bromance between Nagarjuna and Nani. Whenever the star heroes are on screen things look quite lively and entertaining. The star duo evoke good comedy and their chemistry will impress the audience completely. On the whole, Deva Das is a decent multi starrer which clicks because of Nagarjuna and Nani?s good screen presence. Story wise, there is nothing new and the first half is also ordinary. But things change from the second part as the good dose of emotions and interesting ending work for the film. All you need is to keep your expectations in check and enjoy Nani and Nag's unique bromance unfold on screen.

by 123telugu Team - on Sep 27, 2018.


Passable Film

The film throws up quite a few time-tested elements. Bromance, life-changing romance, a character who turns out to be a revelation just before the interval, some situational comedy involving a timid doctor and a domineering person, so on and so forth. Equipped with these elements, director Sriram Adittya delivers a fairly engaging screenplay in the first half. 'DevaDas' is a passable film that could have done without those simple-minded scenes. Enjoyable performances, good dialogues and excellent technical output. On the downside, the second half loses fizz.

by Indiaglitz Team - on Sep 27, 2018.


Time Pass

Devadas gets its basics right by casting right actors in right roles. Both the characters played by Nagarjuna and Nani are tailor-made for them. Writers have done a fine job in designing the characters as per the strengths of the actors. Also scenes between Nagarjuna and Nani have been written well. Their combination scenes are a treat to watch with both the actors sharing amazing chemistry. Not just the comedy scenes, but also emotional scenes have come out well with both the actors in top form. Devadas struggles to move from one point to other due to the lack of strong script. Everything else has been half baked including the important romance tracks.

by Gulte Team - on Sep 27, 2018.


Bromance Works Everything Else Doesn't

The movie starts interestingly, but one feels it is losing track as soon as the Deva track begins. It looks abrupt to the proceedings going on at that point. Still, one is ready to give it a pass as the narrative feels in sync when Deva and Das meet. As long as they are together, everything looks alright. The subplots involving the syndicate, the love stories, they are all trash and leaves the narrative disjointed. If watching Nagarjuna and Nani on screen with little entertainment thrown around is all that you need then DevaDas has that in plenty. For others, it is an average fare at best.

by Siddarth Toleti - on Sep 27, 2018.


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