A protagonist behaving like someone else to marry the girl of his choice when he is forced to stay in the villain's house has been rehashed in many movies. That was the regular theme for many of Sreenu Vaitla?s movies. Naga Shaurya?s "@Narthanasala" brings back the same plotline. It's just the main protagonist acts gay to avoid getting married. Except for couple of songs, there is nothing worth talking about. The new director's old-school of narration and bland comedy makes this movie hard to sit through. On the whole, "@Narthanasala" is full of idiotic comedy scenes with bland narration. This is not for the people who seek some decent comedy.

by greatandhra Team - greatandhra.com on Aug 30, 2018.


Strictly for gay comedy

On the whole, Naga Shourya fails to continue his success streak with Nartanasala. The film has a week storyline, insipid narration, and over the top emotions. The only solace of the film is the gay comedy which is good in bits and pieces. If you are one who likes this kind of over the top comedy, give this film a shot but the rest can take it easy and look for something interesting this weekend.

by 123telugu Team - 123telugu.com on Aug 30, 2018.


Half-hearted message

Writer-director Srinivas Chakravarthi keeps the fathers in the movie perpetually frustrated. So, everything goes into ensuring that the hero's father (Shivaji Raja) and Yamini Bhaskar's father (JP) constantly bitch about something or the other. The director permanently forgets two things: 1. To do something that can make Naga Shaurya do comedy. 2. To have the music director not to stop the BGM every now and then. From misleading character intros to low-end dialogues, half-hearted messaging and lousy technical output, 'Nartanasala' is everything and more.

by indiaglitz Team - indiaglitz.com on Aug 30, 2018.


Your Own Risk!

We can understand why Naga Shaurya picked this story post the success of Chalo. It surely would have sounded exciting and worth investing as a basic idea. But not all ideas can be made into good films. Director must be very skillful and also should have great sense of humor to make this concept work. Sadly, the debut director couldn't get the desired results with his execution. It shaped up like a bland Sreenu Vaitla's film with a series of unfunny sequences. A film like this wouldn't appeal to anybody. Not even a miracle could save this one.

by Gulte Team - gulte.com on Aug 30, 2018.


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