Experiment gone wrong

Director Phanidra, he has made some very good short films but that is not the case with Manu. He has taken a simple story and set it in his own world which is different from others. He got the look and feel of the film right but his over creativity and way too complicated screenplay take the film down in no time. On the whole, Manu does not live up to all the hype and expectations that have been created before the film?s release. The thriller is way too long, moves at a snail?s pace and confuses you to no extent making it difficult to sit through three hours of runtime. Apart from some decent performances, good visuals, and thumping background score, this film has nothing great to offer and can be watched only if you have loads of free time on your hand.

by 123telugu Team - 123telugu.com on Sep 7, 2018.


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