Engaging in parts

On the whole, Idam Jagat has an interesting premise and is narrated well for the most part. Sumanth's role with negative shades, contemporary media set up and how news is created for TRP's look nice. But the disengaging love story obstructs the free flow of the film and sidetracks the film. All those who like crime thrillers with a realistic setup can watch this film and the rest can choose something else this weekend.

by 123telugu Team - 123telugu.com on Dec 28, 2018.


A Poor Copy

Anil Srikantam has picked or rather taken an interesting theme relevant to the current times from a Hollywood movie. Unfortunately, the momentum is short lived and the effects of weak writing come to fore with each new twist. The blocks are there, predictable or otherwise, there is a twist around the corner. But, nothing holds attention due to the poor execution and writing. Overall, Idham Jagath is a film that borrows a nice premise and makes a boring and uninteresting film out if it. The opportunity of exploring a unique concept is totally lost.

by Siddartha Toleti - mirchi9.com on Dec 28, 2018.


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