Love in Bits

Love stories are one and the same in most of the films but it is the treatment which makes things interesting. The first thing that hits you in paper Boy are the dialogues. The love story gets a decent boost with the amazing dialogues written by Sampath Nani. On the whole, Paper Boy is a passable love story which has decent emotions in the second half. Realistic family drama and engaging climax save the film to an extent. Story wise, there is nothing new that you will see here but the way the script has been polished and given a good feel at regular intervals makes the film to be given a shot this weekend. All you need to do is to keep your expectations in check and go with the slow pace of the film.

by 123telugu Team - on Aug 31, 2018.


Stale and boring

The writing by Sampath Nandi and relatable cast and execution is the reason there is some interest generated in what is easily a very dated plot. The screenplay is weak and it is the disengaging part of the enterprise. Most of the film is predictable, barring the pre-climax and climax. Overall, Paperboy coming from Sampath Nandi is another predictable and routine story bearing all his trademarks even though he only produces it. There is an attempt to do something novel in the outdated zone. The writing is decent and the emotions genuine but the novel factor or the difference from routine is not visible barring few moments here and there until the pre-climax. It is too late by then and only lasts for a few minutes.

by Siddarth Toleti - on Aug 31, 2018.


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