Sibling rivalry

Mani Ratnam, who is known for making movies with a huge star cast has once again made a film with all the noted artists. Starting with Prakash Raj, the award-winning actor lives in his role of an aging don. Arvind Swamy fits perfectly into the role of an aggressive and short-tempered person and his thread with Aditi Rao is good. Arun Vijay as the second son is apt in his role as the business-minded guy. On the whole, Nawab is a below average gangster drama which has a few engaging moments. Things look good in the first half but the latter part runs on a flat note until the climax. This film is not for all and will impress staunch Mani Ratnam fans because of the strong characterizations. Cashing in on the craze, this film may work at TN box office but it will have a limited appeal here in Telugu.

by 123telugu team - on Sep 27, 2018.


Authentic Performances

What works the best in 'Nawab' is the perfect casting. The intense scene set on a ship in Dubai where Simbu taunts and tempts Arun Vijay to join forces is charged. With an ordinary cast, you can't entertain the audience with such scenes. Similarly, every time Arvind Swamy and Vijay Sethupathi come together, the air is pregnant with impending doom. There is a crowd-pleasing scene between Vijay Sethupathi and Simbu. As promised, the most remarkable aspect of the film is the climax twist that few would have seen coming the way it does. 'Nawab' comes with authentic performances and a deft technical output. There are scenes that delve into the minds of its characters. But the film could have been ambitious in portraying action and intrigue.

by Indiaglitz Team - on Sep 27, 2018.


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