Room No. 118

KV Guhan who is known for his brilliant cinematography has directed this film. Since he is doing film in some other language he has chosen a screenplay-based thriller-formatted film. First half of the film is good. Second half has the central story and its slow. Flashback (central story) of the film is in expected lines. Kalyan Ram who is known for selection of good stories has made the right judgment call with this film by selecting a content based subject. Director Guhan has made 118 with an interesting screenplay. On a whole, 118 makes a decent watch if you excuse logics and a slow second half.

by jeevi - on Mar 1, 2019.


Racy Enough

However, the film?s so-called main twist or core plot is too formulaic. Films dealing pharma scams or medical scams and a character landing in trouble due to this has become a standard template for many thrillers. Despite racy screenplay and the director's attempt to focus sole on the story with no deviation from the main plot, the big twist doesn't excite us. But the romantic track between Kalyan Ram and Shalini Pandey is almost non-existent. This is negative aspect of the movie. Shalini Pandey and Kalyan Ram?s mother roles are just like props in the scene. Also Kalyan Ram should not have been presented as action star. He doesn?t look like a journalist at all. All in all, "118" is a neat thriller with some early decent sequences. Though it doesn't present anything new, it doesn't bore us either, it holds interest with racy narrative.

by Greatandhra Team - on Mar 1, 2019.


Enjoyable Thriller

On the whole, 118 is a simple and neat thriller which has been made with no unnecessary deviations. It has decent moments in both the halves and the suspense is carried out neatly. But the flashback in the second half slows down things a bit and is predictable. Barring this, the film has a classy feel and will surely attract the A center and multiplex audience. Box office wise, we need to see how the film works but Kalyan Ram has ensured that his attempt at doing a different film has surely worked with 118. Go watch it.

by 123telugu Team - on Mar 1, 2019.


Sincerely told story

At one level, '118' is a commendable effort because it avoids low-hanging fruits such as routine comedy. It stays true to the genre and its subject. If you love movies that don't pander to run-of-the-mill ingredients, you may like this film. Director KV Guhan (who has been a cinematographer of repute) deals with a dark subject here. In tune with the flavour and mood of the film, the frames are suitable. The dialogues are rather understated, so also Kalyan Ram's expressions. The body language of the actors, generally speaking, is restrained. '118' is a sincerely told story that offers thrills. The film adopts an approach that is different from the routine templates we get to see in movies. It has its misses, though. The ball is now in the audience's court.

by Indiaglitz Team - on Mar 1, 2019.


Engaging Thriller

118 has a different premise in spite of having common tropes of a mystery thriller. The director doesn't much time on anything that is unnecessary to the plot. It quickly gets to the point and keeps the interest alive for most of the time. First half of 118 is very impressive with racy screenplay and engaging action episodes. The director does well in connecting the dots and keeping the suspense element intact until the penultimate scenes. 118 will definitely appeal to the viewers that love to watch thrillers. It has decent chances to do well in A centers and multiplexes. With so many mediocre films being offered lately, 118 is a film worth spending your time and money.

by Gulte Team - on Mar 1, 2019.


Passable Thriller

The movie starts off increasingly as we get to the point straight away without wasting much time. The initial sequences involving the dream and its subsequent follow up is neatly done. There is an interest to know what is happening. The pace is kept racy, and we never feel lag barring the personal scenes involving the lead protagonist. In the end, 118 has a decent beginning and ending. It is everything that happens in between where there is a problem. Still, it isn?t too problematic but instead makes the whole thing passable affair as there is a dilution of narrative due to needless raciness. It would be a simple reduction of too many clues and give substantial depth to the existing ones along with the twists.

by Siddarth Toleti - on Mar 1, 2019.


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