Cliched Kantam

New director Pranith's "Suryakantam" begins on narrating the story of Rahul Vijay, that his parents are desperate to get him married. A girl comes to his house for "Pelli Choopulu" and the alliance is fixed and then he reveals that he has "Suryakantam" (Niharika) in his life. Since the film is made limited budget in typical low-cost web series, the director has tried to convince with smart lines but most of them are dumb that give us yawn. The emotional climax and the sacrifice for love is convincing but by then we lose interest in the movie. The movie?s biggest drawback is not superficial plot but bad narration. This is straight third disappointing film from Niharika. Except for a few feel-good moments in the end, this film offers very little solace.

by greatandhra Team - on Mar 29, 2019.


Sacrifice for Love

The film is completely centered around Niharika and she does a good job in a tailor-made role. Initially, she starts off as a chirpy girl who is full of life and this part was nicely portrayed by the young heroine. But Niharika shows her talent in the second half when she is supposed to showcase jealousy, heartbreak. She had some difficult scenes to perform and Niharika pulled them off with ease. On the whole, Suryakantham is a better film when compared to Niharika?s previous duds. She has improved a lot and carries the film with her decent performance. Story-wise, there is nothing new you will see here and the pace of the film is also slow. But there are a few feel-good moments in the love story which make the proceedings lively and impress the A center audience. Watch it only for them.

by 123telugu Team - on Mar 29, 2019.


emotional connect

To be sure, this film has a glaring demerit. Too few characters. As a result, the audience is condemned by monotonous scenes blighted by unidimensional characters. This becomes obvious in the second half. Take the pre-climax moment, for example. There was space for two scenes involving comedians. Sensible comic situations would have added texture. Instead, the film rushes toward an ending which is expectedly clich?d. 'Suryakantham' is a non-layered, familiar film where the characters seem off colour too soon. Predictable and clich?d, it lacks an emotional connect.

by Indiaglitz Team - on Mar 29, 2019.


Ayyo Kantham

Niharika finally picks a character that is her age. She enjoyed playing Suryakantham which is evident in many scenes. However, the plot of Suryakantham is very weak for Niharika to hold it together. The director tries to twist the tale to avoid a predictable climax. He tries his best to make it look convincing, but it only seems forced and unnecessarily dragged. There is ample scope and potential in the plot to be a cool romantic film that appeals to urban youth. But the director lost the plot in the middle and made it into a regular fare that seems very long in spite of having a less run time (125 minutes).

by Gulte Team - on Mar 29, 2019.


Shallow And Exasperatingly Annoying

Pranith Bramandapally comes with a predictable wafer-thin story and expects to hold the attention through the characters and the writing. The problem with films like these is they toe a very thin line in getting things right and going horribly wrong. In the case of Suryakantham, it goes the latter way and very soon at that. On the whole, Suryakantham is a coming of age drama featuring a female performer in the lead. Sadly, poor characterisation and execution leave a lot to be desired. It is easily avoidable in cinemas.

by Siddarth Toleti - on Mar 29, 2019.


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